Spirited Murals of Tucson’s El Rio Neighborhood

Urban art is one of Southern Arizona’s main attractions. The industry here in Tucson thrives on Mexican traditions and cooperative weather, offering the viewer a glimpse of Mexican-American, Indian and Anglo-American cultures at virtually no cost. The El Rio Neighborhood Center, 1390 West Speedway, is home to one of Tucson’s street art hubs. With over six murals, El Rio wears its own history and that of Mexican people proudly on its walls. Paintings from local artists such as Antonio Pazos and David Tineo show symbols of Mexico and images of Aztec culture.


Brief Introduction

My name is Kelsey Merkel and I am a senior Journalism student at the University of Arizona. I will be spending the semester blogging for our website, Border Beat about the wonderful artists, musicians, and other talented people across all borders. I hope that you will find my posts to be interesting and get to know a little bit about the hidden talent at the border. Stay tuned for weekly updates, photos, and videos.