Artist Spotlight: Gabriela Garcia Medina

I think everyone searches for a little inspiration now and then, but if you can’t find something that inspires you, why not inspire others?

What used to be a hobby for Gabriela Garcia Media is now a creative, successful, career which encourages people to feel great about who they are and feel empowered.

Medina is a spoken word artist who mixes stories, poetry and emotion to convey messages of hope, revolution, identity, love and so much more. She uses creativity and art in order to heal, empower and make a proactive difference to her audiences both nationally and internationally.

After growing up in Cuba, Medina and her family left in 1989 destined for London. After finishing up high school in London, Medina came to the U.S. and attended UCLA where she graduated with a major in Musical Theater and a double minor in Chicano and African Studies. Along with her childhood in Cuba, her educational background helped to empower the potential of her poetry and give her a good reason for choosing her desired career path.

Medina is a speaker who captures the imagination of her audience and engages with them, but at the same time writing is a healing process for her and she uses everyday events to transform her thoughts into poems and written words.

Medina and her spoken word art form have traveled all over the world, from Cuba to Brazil, and Switzerland to South Africa. She has made film, theater and television appearances (like the Dove commercial seen below,) given talks at college conferences and festivals and is a founding member of WISE Collective (Woman Inspiring Social/Spiritual Expression.) Also an author, Medina has published two books “Ink-Scribing Oshun” and “In the Wake of Oya.”

Now Medina will be making her way to the University of Arizona as the Wildcat Events Board will be hosting a poetry night featuring Medina at 7 p.m. this Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2011 in the Gallagher Theater.

One Comment on “Artist Spotlight: Gabriela Garcia Medina”

  1. hey, actually i just want to correct that i graduated with a major in regular theater, not musical theater…trust me! you don’t want to hear me sing!

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