Tucson’s All Souls Procession

This Sunday, Nov. 6 the All Soul’s Procession will take place, bringing together the people of Tucson for a two-mile long human-powered procession. The procession will incorporate thousands of participants and celebrate the mourning of the lives of our loved ones who have passed. Many Mouths One Stomach, the organizing body for the Procession, is a non-profit arts collective based in Tucson, and serves as a vehicle for working artists to collaborate, create, and inspire the public through “Festal Culture.”

Many Mouths One Stomach and the Procession have created countless opportunities in order to inspire and get the artistic community involved with the event and more. Inside the event will be myriads of installation art, altars, performers, and creatives of all kinds collaborating for almost half the year to prepare their offerings to the event.

Artistic projects consist of:

The Urn, which is filled with blessings, dreams, hopes and wishes is set aflame at the end of the procession and marks the end until next year.

The Ancestors Project, a multimedia presentation that will play throughout the Procession. This project is a way for the public to permanently memorialize their loved ones in the Procession. Participants are invited to submit photographs of their ancestry and recently deceased into a digital memorial that is projected along the Procession route and at the Grand Finale.

Masks created by community members that will be displayed on Procession night. Months leading up to the Procession, Tucson Puppet Works has been generously hosting mask making workshops in order to assist the community in creating the masks, Paper Globo lantern, Paper Pulp and Bread Masks, Paper Flowers, Sugar Skulls, human powered floats, and big head puppets.

A photography exhibition for images related to death. Images may be submitted by anyone and will be displayed at Studio 455 until Nov. 5.

Spoken Word Soul Poetry will take place after the Procession of Little Angels on Saturday, Nov. 5 at Armory Park. “Soul Poetry” is the reading of poetry on loss, death, transition of spirit and soul. This event will feature an open mic with spotlight features by spoken word poets. Alters are also created and used to preserve the memories of events and people that are important to us.

Altars and shrines are one way to pay tribute to those that have passed. The personal alter vigil is a way to pay homage to deceased loved ones, friends, ancestors, beloved pets, devastated communities and more by creating a personal altar in the center of downtown Tucson, within the downtown public library plaza.

An All Souls Procession Poster Art Competition. Interested artists and community members were invited to submit original artwork, completed within the last two years for the All Souls Procession Poster. The poster art works were displayed in an exhibition and the closing reception and award ceremony will take place Friday, Nov. 4 to see which poster will be used for the 2012 All Soul’s Procession.

Additionally, every year, Many Mouths One Stomach puts aside space at the Grand Finale and along the route for artists to set up their own art installations (performance, sculpture, video, banner projects etc).

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